The Golden triangle

Ten years ago researchers dealing with the analysis of economic processes noticed that the triangular shaped area between Vienna-Gyr-Bratislava was characterised by extremely fast economic development within the Central European region, the baseline of which is formed by the M1 (E 60-E75) motorway, since then it is increasingly frequently referred to by the name Golden triangle. In the background of this fast development is the old, solid industrial culture of the area and the unique geographical position that means that this is one of the "service tunnels" of European transport, due to the north-south and east-west public main roads (E 60, E 65, E 75) and the important European waterway, the Danube.

The part of this area that is in Hungary (the northern part of Gyr-Moson-Sopron county) is the richest and most quickly developing part of the country. Gyr - the eastern point of the Golden Triangle - has an especially important role in the development of the area. The unique feature of this town of 130 thousand (200 thousand people with its agglomeration ring) is that starting out from here three capital cities can be reached by motorway within one hour, and that more than ten million people live within this circle (the relatively more well to do citizens of Austria, Slovakia and Hungary).

It is natural that Gyr, and the surrounding area, has become a special destination for the flow of foreign capital. Beside the joint ventures established from the earlier socialist companies, many multinationals have arrived implementing green field investments, and with a small delay, so have the medium sized and small supply companies. The number of companies registered in Gyr has risen in 12 years from 314 to 6500. The reason for the fast development and growth is that there are few possibilities to settle in the area of Gyr, so the new industrial, commercial and service providing facilities look for places to settle down outside the town, in the areas in the agglomeration ring beside the main roads.

The eastern point of the Golden Triangle is not only made interesting by the industrial-economic development, this is the centre of the post-socialist region with a relatively high GDP and high income per capita. With respect to these features, both the degree of commercial and logistics-service supply is out of phase, which induces a tense rate of development, especially if the planned development of the Gny dock and the Pr airport progresses at the planned rate. The Slovakian changes, the approach towards the EU could give further momentum to the strong, almost turbulent economic flow, the centre of which is the eastern point of the Golden Triangle.