The industrial area

The area owned by Point Kft. is situated on both sides of route E81 (2.6 ha and 55.8 ha), 1200 m from the junction of the M1 motorway and route E81 (with on and off ramps in both directions).

In September 2000 the Local Authority of the settlement of Töltéstava approved the layout plan and in a decree it declared the complete Point area as an industrial-business zone.

Area distribution

Site area 47.5 ha
Access area 5.7 ha
Public utility area 0.7 ha
Protective forest 1.5 ha
Protective tree planting 3.1 ha
Total: 58.5 ha

In the layout plan the internal plot borders are also shown, but they can be modified as requested.

2. 2. Plot formation

On the set area, sites can be created with areas between 0.2 ha and 3.5 ha.
We recommend that smaller sites (0.2 ha - 0.4 ha) be established on the area shown on the arrangement plan between roads KGY1 and KGY3.
On the plan it is suggested that medium-sized sites (1.0-1.2 ha) be established to the south-east of road KGY1 and to the north-east of road KGY3.
Large sites (3.0 ha) can be established to the north-east of road KGY2.
The plot borders shown on the layout plan are suggested borders; the plot sizes stated in the blocks are minimum sizes, which means that plots larger than this can be established in any block.

2. 3. Development, architectural requirements

The planning area is situated in frequented position due to its natural, visual landscape features.
Within the recommended sites we did not determine the concrete positions of the buildings, but on the layout plan we have designated the area to be used for the buildings, that is the "border of the building site".
In respect of the development regulations of the sites the following regulation principles were taken into consideration:
ˇ A maximum 50% of the area of the individual sites can be developed on.
ˇ A maximum 25% of the surface can be paved on the sites.
ˇ Undeveloped and unpaved site area is to be treated as intensively established and maintained green area.
ˇ The height of the buildings that can be established on the sites varies according to the size of the site.
On the smaller sites, buildings 7.5 m - 9.0 m high can be constructed, while on the larger sites buildings 12.0 m high are permitted.

Further detailed prescriptions relating to the development are included in the Layout and Zone Plan marked SZ-J and in the Local Building Regulations.
The infrastructure on the area is deteriorated and obsolete, the existing internal concrete roads are worn and cracked, the majority of the buildings can only be used temporarily as storehouses or mobilisation buildings, they must be demolished within three years.
Without any background development we can provide an electric supply up to 1 MW, and 100 m3 of water a day.
Planned capacity:
Electric: An agreement has been concluded with ÉDÁSZ (North-Transdanubian Electricity Supply Company) regarding a 6 MW development, for which a new overhead cable, connection and transformer substation is needed.
Gas: A gas pipe needs to be laid from the terminal station situated 4 km-s away, with an independent gas-receiving station.
Water: A new 2 km section of mains water pipeline needs to be laid to satisfy demands of more than 100 m3 of water a day.
Sewage: Sewage disposal can be solved by laying 4.8 km of pipeline to the sewage-treatment plant situated just outside Győr. A sewage raising plant needs to be established 500 metres from the Industrial Park.
The layout plan allows the establishment of sewage settling tanks, sewer basins until the sewage pipe is constructed.


Contact person in the Point Budapest unit: Viski Tamás:+36/30 510-3618
Erika Dévai: +36/ 30 248-3209
Information in civil engineering questions can be obtained from the specialist from EGUT, Bálint Joó, in infrastructure questions from the manager of Baráth Consulting, Zoltán Baráth, in building construction questions from the managers of UV design, Tibor Várady and László Ugrin, in information technology and security questions from Lajos Móró, the general manager of TVT, in finance and credit construction questions from Tibor Molnár, manager of M-Projekt Bt. Company information and you can find out how to reach us at the menu point "Company info ".
For more information for those interested, for those intending to settle down here, and for those requiring information in connection with purchasing and leasing possibilities contact the Point Kft Budapest unit. Direct electronic connection can also be established by filling in the form to be found under the "Your questions" menu point.